To Save or Not to Save

Have you ever seen those “extreme couponing” shows and asked yourself, “Why in the world would anyone need 1500 individual boxes of tic-tacs? Is their halitosis that bad that they would use a coupon for 1500 boxes of tic-tacs? Why would they get something just because it’s free?”

I don’t know either. Still haven’t been able to figure that one out. I can’t see getting that much stuff, even if it is free. I could see maybe if you were donating it to the needy, but really, is a tic-tac really needed? No.

But I do get the concept of saving money. When you save money on the things you need, it leaves more money for things you want (even in bulk, I guess). And that savings builds until you can spend it on things that you really want to get.

I don’t know about you, but I hate (I mean HATE) when I pay too much for something. I really don’t buy anything full price anymore. I love seeing that total at the bottom that I saved more today than I paid. It makes me feel just a little bit better about my day that I got a deal that maybe not everyone else got.

There are ways to save money on everything – from discounts for shopping in bulk, discounts for being frequent shoppers, to coupons, heck, my daughter used to get free stuff for being cute. (Actually happened, several times, I kid you not.) You just need patience, organizational skills, and basic math skills.

No extreme couponing needed. Just explore my site and keep checking back for new finds.