Career Minded

Welcome to my online portfolio! I’m glad you’ve stopped by. If you’d like to learn a little more about me, check out the “Who am I” page. If you’d like to find out about some of my favorite things, check out the “Down-Time” page.

You’ve come to the right place.

I am looking for the next big opportunity, so check out my infographic resume and my more traditional resume. They both provide a good overview of my professional and educational accomplishments thus far.

I am currently a full-time mom of two little girls, a full-time wife, a full-time student and a full-time manager. I am one busy gal and love every minute of it! I am on-track to graduate with honors from Arizona State University, Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering in December of 2015 and I was recently promoted Inventory Control Manager.

I look forward to being able to progress in my career in the field of supply chain management, operations management or procurement and purchasing. I love my job and I’d really like to help others like it too. It isn’t work if it is something you enjoy!

In my spare time I love reading, watching Netflix, spending time with my family and most anything to do with Disney.

Again, welcome, and thanks for your interest! If you’d like to contact me, feel free to send me an email at or visit the¬†Contact Me page for more information.


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