So, I don’t get down-time very often, but every opportunity I get, I plan a trip to Disneyland with my family. We do it on a relatively small budget and I’m known at work as the queen of all things Disneyland. I tend to find the really good deals and share them with anyone who will listen. My most memorable trip though, was prior to the recent Club 33 refurbishment – I was blessed with the opportunity to dine in that private club. It was a wonderful experience as you can see some of the pictures I was able to take around and inside. It was Halloween time a few years ago, and I’ll remember it forever. I can officially scratch that off my bucket list! Check out some of the gallery below and feel free to share your Disneyland stories and discounts in the comments!



Also on tap, I fancy myself a crafty person. I’ve made progress on several projects as you can see in the gallery below. Most of these projects were projects for my kids and family, I made Halloween costumes, birthday cakes and dresses. I’m currently working on curtains for my office, a Minnie Mouse quilt for my youngest daughter, and a Disneyland scrapbook.

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